MH+ TeamBuilding: One Team, One Dream – Phu Quoc 2020

The emotional connection between MH+ members within the TeamBuilding trip called "One Team - One Dream" at Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc.

New activities, experience the journey in an unprecedented way, join hands to complete challenges, unite to conquer difficulties together, recharge together, bond and share happy moments together. All MH+ members had created a very impressive trip, bringing back fond and interesting memories.

All of us made an emotional symphony that every time the melody is played in our hearts, each of us will feel joyful and empowered to move forward tightly together! With the spirit of mutual solidarity, each member of MH+ will be maximized at work and in daily life.


A special day for MH+ members, a chance for us to sit down together after a hard year, share our experiences of what has been achieved and has not been in 2019. Together, we set aside our worries, enjoy the company of colleagues in the spring days.

The year 2019 is over. In the past year, although we’ve got many difficulties and challenges, but thanks to the consensus and efforts of each member of MH+ in each mission and job, we had all contributed to the overall success of our company.

Entering the year 2020, with the joy of welcoming the new year in beliefs and hopes for a good year. Although we know that there will be many difficulties and challenges ahead, we will overcome together, STRONGER to CONFRONT THE CHALLENGES with solidarity, enthusiasm and by ceaseless efforts of each member of MH+.

We wish MH+ Grand Family a happy new year Canh Ty 2020 with good health and prosperity.